Five Things You Might Not Know About Berlin, Germany

Five Things You Might Not Know About Berlin, Germany

Five Things You Might Not Know About Berlin, Germany

With 5 million people, Berlin is the largest city in Germany and one of the largest cities in Europe from a population perspective. Rich in history, as well as global hot spots for culture, art, restaurants, clubs and cafes.

It is only possible to walk around in Berlin, you will find a lot of things to do, but here are five things that not everyone knows about Berlin when they visit the city:

1. Fernsehturm

or TV tower is one of the tallest buildings in Europe with a height of 368 meters or 1207 feet. Built in the former part of East Germany Berlin, the purpose of the tower building is to show all Berliners and visitors alike the strength of East Germany.

Still in operation today, there is a visitor’s deck as well as a rotating restaurant that takes 30 minutes for one full turn.

2. Currywurst

Although clearly not unique in Berlin, it is said to have been discovered in Berlin in the late 1940s (although there are claims that it was first heard in Hamburg). You will find currywurst for sale on almost every street corner and many pick up places. Although recently the latest fast food trend has started to become a dinner kebab, with 800 million servings a year (according to Wikipedia), currywurst is still very popular.

3. Berlin Cathedral

Although Berlin gained a reputation as the capital of the European atheist according to the London Guardian, religion still plays a major role in this city. Whether you are a believer or not, Berlin’s Protestant Cathedral, the largest church in Berlin is a place to visit. With a rich history dating back to the 1400s, this church site and actual buildings tell rich stories about Berlin from centuries ago. Do not forget to look for pipe organs that are truly gigantic.

4. Watergate Nightclub

Whether you like electronic music or not, if you can find a way to get into one of Berlin’s hottest clubs located right on the Spree (complete with a waterfront balcony), it will be a worthy experience for you. Some of the hottest DJs in the world play at this event, but on a quieter night it is possible to drink here. If you don’t come for music, try and visit during the summer.

5. Berlinomat

Located in Friedrichshain, a cool little department store that features products designed by local Berliners. You will find cool gadgets, local modes, and something that can’t be explained.