Nashik Travel Guide To Visit Kumbh Mela Festival Venues

Nashik Travel Guide To Visit Kumbh Mela Festival Venues

Nashik Travel Guide To Visit Kumbh Mela Festival Venues

Nashik is one of the fastest-growing cities in Maharashtra and is also called the Wine Capital of India. The city is famous for its pleasant climate and beautiful surroundings. The Godavari River flows from the city so it is fertile. Because this is one of the places where the Kumbh Mela festival is held once in 12 years, it can be said to be one of the Hindu holy cities in India. During the Mughal reign, it was called Gulshanabad.

Summer from March to June is hot if mercury shoots around 37 degrees Celsius. But for that, the climate remains moderate throughout the year. It receives heavy rain in the rainy season which runs from June to September and has winter. But deforestation and industrialization have decreased the amount of rainfall lately because this is the 4th fastest growing city in the United Kingdom with many different large industries located here.

Nashik Ozar Airport was found 25 km in the city but is not functioning at this time. But Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport has located 160 km from your city and also people who reach Nashik from a distance reach through this airport. The train station in Nashik has located 10 km from your main city and contains trains daily to Mumbai and Pune and comes in the Central Railway line. The city is well connected by road and there are often buses to Mumbai.

Tourist attractions in Nashik are Sita Gufaa, Panchvati, Ganga Ghat, Mineral Museum, Phalke Smaarak, Jain Mandir, Someshwar, Bhaktidham, Vedic Mandir, etc. To see all these places, the city government runs the Nashik Darshan bus every day which will teach you around each important place. Regional public transportation services are another option and you will rent a car to relocate the city. If you want to take the Nashik Darshan bus, then buying a ticket a day in advance is likely to suit your needs. Many automatic rickshaws are also available around the city serving the needs of tourists.

Nashik is known for its silver industry. Mahatma Gandhi Marg can be a hot shopping destination while there are many other popular shopping centers on Saraf Bazar, Main Road, and Canada Corner. Shopping enthusiasts must visit these places to buy silver items, ornaments, and souvenirs.

The restaurants in Nashik serve traditional Maharashtrian cuisine which has Khandesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat influences. But you can find many restaurants serving Punjabi, South Indian, European and Chinese cuisine. Many Missal joints serve hot and delicious traditional curries in Maharashtra and usually, Pav is served with variations.

There are many jasmine hotels in Nashik that are scattered throughout the city. But when you need to book these cheap hotels, it is far better to determine the room before booking. Much middle class and splurge hotels are just on the Mumbai-Agra road. Nashik travel guides will help you to know about Nashik restaurants and Nashik hotels. This will make your trip smoother.